Tokyo University of Science

Molecular secrets of explosive perchlorate salts revealed

Studying the properties of crystals using only the analysis of their structure.

A new mathematical framework can shed light on small-scale turbulent flow

Unlocking the mysteries of synchronization in turbulent dynamics.

An innovative hydrogel for wounds: Combining seaweed and carbonated water

A sustainable hydrogel formulation for wound dressing.

New wearable device to perform balance exercises effectively at home

It helps older individuals train their posture control, minimizing the risk of falls and associated injuries.

The fungus breaks down harmful food toxin

Isolating and characterizing filamentous fungi with patulin-degrading abilities.

Non-contact method for highly accurate heart rate estimation

The method achieves highly accurate heart rate readings even in dynamic lighting conditions.

Wearable sensor measures sweat lactic acid levels during exercise

How sweat air bubbles affect the functioning of wearable microfluidic sensors?

Japan recently developed a transistor based on redox reactions

Researchers develop an ionic device utilizing redox reactions towards using physical reservoir computing.

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