Rice University

A new approach speeds success in achieving highly efficient thermoelectric materials

New approach to predict the realization of band convergence in a series of materials.

Upcycling hard-to-recycle plastics into useful material

Rice lab turned wind turbine material into a useful semiconductor.

New tool improves early cancer detection

Integrating single-cell DNA and RNA for tumor analysis.

How visual cues inform the decision to cooperate

Visuo-frontal interactions in macaque Social learning.

Scientists discovered a first-of-its-kind 3D crystalline metal

Rice scientists pull off quantum coup.

A coal-based product could replace sand in concrete

Discovery could be part of a solution to the looming ‘sand crisis’.

Physicists found a strange metal is strangely quiet in quantum noise experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in material.

Making green hydrogen from plastic waste

Graphene by-product offsets ‘flash’ hydrogen production costs, Rice study finds.

Guidelines for extracting valuable materials from water

Extracting water resources enhances national security and the environment.

New device turns sunlight into hydrogen with record efficiency

The new technology is a significant step forward for clean energy.

New electrochemical reactor captures carbon dioxide at the flick of a switch

New technology could lower the cost of capturing carbon dioxide from all types of emissions.

Viruses from the deep past found in coral DNA

Viral genomes may play a role in the symbiosis between dinoflagellates and corals.

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