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Researchers discovered a 265-million-year-old fossil of the oldest, largest predator

The stunning fossil includes a complete skull and some skeletal bones, such as ribs and arm bones.

A dive into the question of whether a COVID cure could lead to harmful mutations of the virus

A COVID cure worse than the disease?

The gut-brain connection

The colon-brain axis.

Cancer immunotherapy gets a boost from new biomaterial

Biomaterial-based immunotherapy shows promise in treating solid tumors.

A 500 million-year-old fossil reveals the amazing secrets of tunicate origins

Fossil Mega siphon thylakos reveals ancestral tunicates lived stationary.

Decoding hearing issues: Yale-led study pinpoints causes of auditory problems in adults

There is limited information about why hearing problems among older adults are more common.

An innovative strategy for slowing aggressive leukemia

Harvard researchers have developed compounds that can be used to treat cancer.

Targeting Alzheimer’s using AI

Model tested on tens of thousands of routine brain scans spotted disease risk with 90% accuracy.

Low-carb diet is associated with a lower risk of premature death

Eating pattern tied to 24% reduction in cardiovascular, cancer mortality.

Striking new evidence for a mass migration of stars into the Andromeda Galaxy

A team of researchers led by astronomers at NSF’s NOIRLab has uncovered striking new evidence for a mass migration of stars into the Andromeda...

Six lifestyle changes could cut the chance of long COVID by 49%

Healthy body weight and adequate sleep top the list, says data from Nurses’ Health Study.

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