University of Maryland

University of Maryland

US Islamist extremists form close-knit groups with mutual contacts

Close-knit clusters of extremists are formed through mutual contacts and the "birds of a feather" effect.

New battery design exceeds fast-charging goals for EV

It will be impactful for EVs and other applications.

Webb finds water, and a new mystery, in rare main belt comet

The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope has enabled another long-sought scientific breakthrough, this time for Solar System scientists studying the origins of the water...

Understanding the unique characteristics of the current bird flu outbreak

The evolving nature of H5N1 influenza: Implications for science management in North America.

Study suggests small numbers of mites can infect many honey bees

Parasitic mites’ biting rate may drive transmission of Deformed wing virus in honey bees

Newly created chemical compounds can reverse the effects of potentially deadly drugs

Their method successfully counteracted two highly addictive drugs in lab experiments.

How a SARS-CoV-2 virus protein damages the heart?

Drug lessens harm and may serve as a potential COVID-19 therapy.

ADHD medication may treat symptoms of genetic movement disorder in children

Common ADHD medication may provide insight into other ways to treat this and other neuromuscular diseases.

First successful transplant of porcine heart into an adult human with end-stage heart disease

The first-of-its-kind transplant was the patient’s only option for survival.

Mystery solved: Why Mercury has a big iron core?

Proximity to the sun’s magnetic field influenced Mercury’s hefty iron core.

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