University of Alberta

Implant promises widened access to life-saving diabetes treatment

Long-term survival of encapsulated islets without immunosuppression via inflammation-induced neovascularization.

Spider pulsars- 17,700 light-years away- destroying nearby stars

The combined data allowed researchers to better understand how spider pulsars prey on their companion stars.

Detecting signs of Alzheimer’s across languages

Researchers meet the challenge of developing a model that uses speech traits to detect cognitive decline.

Mild fever helps clear infections faster, study

Waiting before reaching for medications may be beneficial for humans.

Study unveils a new mechanism that enables cancer cells to spread

New clue discovered for how and why cancer cells spread.

Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets the electrons spinning

Team of researchers first to demonstrate spin of nano-sonic wave

Weather systems on Jupiter and Saturn might be driven by internal forces

The study also describes the formation of famous red spot on Jupiter.

An explanation for why changes to Earth’s magnetic field are weaker over the Pacific

Like winds in the atmosphere or currents in the ocean, there are fluid motions in the liquid core of the Earth. These core flows...

The pink eye is a primary symptom of COVID-19

The earlier list of symptoms of coronavirus includes Cough, fever, and Shortness of breath. Later on, CDC offers six new symptoms of COVID-19 that...

New paper-based sensor to detect potent nerve toxins

Sensor combined with smartphone application can detect the presence and amount of two pesticides thought to be used in chemical warfare.

A strange new mineral found in the diamond

The mineral is highly unusual for an inclusion captured by diamond.

Physicists created new, simpler-than-ever quantum hard drive for light

Physicists at the University of Alberta have built up another approach to manufacture quantum memory that could help make ready for a cutting-edge quantum...

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