Technical University of Munich

Study finds colour of Light may not affect sleep

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Basel and the Technical University of Munich suggests that the colour of light may...

First daily current measurements of changes in the Earth’s rotation

Scientists improve measurement of the earth's rotation.

DeepMB: Advancing high-resolution optoacoustic imaging for clinical use

A deep learning framework for high-quality optoacoustic imaging in real-time.

A non-toxic and sustainable cleaning agent for painting

New cleaning agent for artworks investigated with neutrons at the FRM II.

New inhalation drug shows promise in preventing pneumonia

A New inhaled drug targets macrophages to treat acute lung damage.

First electric nanomotor made from DNA material

Synthetic rotary motors at the nanoscale perform mechanical work.

A detailed insight into the internal workings of batteries

On the road to the super-battery.

New biomolecular film help protects wounds and heals faster

Biomolecular film adheres to the sensitive tissue and releases active ingredients.

Introducing a glucose fuel cell that converts sugar into electricity

The mini-fuel cell generates electricity using the body's sugar.

Sports improve concentration and quality of life

A study with primary school pupils confirms the positive impact of physical fitness.

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