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COVID-19 could cause long-term cognitive and memory impacts

Cognitive and memory outcomes post COVID-19 within a large community cohort.

A blood test can pinpoint underlying cause of brain injury in newborn babies

The study looked at babies with a type of brain injury caused by hypoxia.

Flying insects become disorientated and trapped by artificial light

New insights into why nocturnal insects gather around light.

New ALS treatments target unusual RNA structures

RNA condensates linked to ALS/FTD via C9orf72 expansion.

Cost-effective prostate cancer focal therapy benefits

Study analyzes the cost-effectiveness of focal therapy, radical prostatectomy, and radiotherapy for prostate cancer.

Molecular insights into uncommon neuro conditions in kids

ACBD6 variants linked to neurodevelopment syndrome with movement disorders.

On the way to creating the first synthetic yeast ever

This effort is the first to build a synthetic genome of a eukaryote.

Study reveals how pregnancy impact breast cancer development

Exploring the connection between pregnancy and breast cancer development.

Antibiotics boost tough bacteria in gut

Antibiotics create a nutrient-rich environment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Climate distress linked to anxiety and action in youth

The psycho-social impacts of the climate crisis on young people in the UK.

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