Webb discovered disappearing neon around newborn star

Webb follows neon signs toward new thinking on planet formation.

X-rays reveal microstructural fingerprints of 3D-printed alloy

A novel approach to explore the way microstructure emerges in a 3D-printed metal alloy.

X-rays may offer detailed insights into the origins of visiting space rocks

A new study suggests that X-rays might be the key to understanding interstellar objects.

How do clouds make ice?

Unlocking the mysteries of freezing in supercooled water droplets.

SLAC researchers found a way to increase X-ray laser brightness and power

The long – but not too long – cavity would ping-pong X-ray pulses inside of a particle accelerator facility.

Humidity causes color degradation in historical paintings

Discovery helps art conservators create preservation procedures.

Black hole ripples may be able to measure the universe’s expansion

A new way to pin down the distance to these exotic objects.

World’s first X-ray of a single atom in Nature

World’s first X-ray SIGNAL (or SIGNATURE) of just one atom.

A mystery ancient marine reptile from Svalbard has been identified

X-ray examination has enabled the classification of a previously-unidentified marine reptile fossil from Edgeøya, Svalbard, and the technique could provide future unique insights into...

AI predicts heart disease risk using a single x-ray

A potential solution for population-based opportunistic screening of cardiovascular disease risk.

Intriguing: First-ever recordings of light from the far side of a black hole

Fulfilling a prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

A new way to improve the efficiency of scintillators

More sensitive X-ray imaging.

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