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A team led by Prof Liu Xiaogang developed perovskite nanocrystals (in the bottles) that are highly sensitive to X-ray irradiation. Credit: National University of Singapore

Chemists opens the door to safer and less expensive X-ray imaging

Professor Liu Xiaogang and his team from the Department of Chemistry under the NUS Faculty of Science had developed novel lead halide perovskite nanocrystals...
Researchers from Argonne and the University of California at Santa Barbara have identified another elemental actor that helps activate palladium while reducing the amount of the precious metal needed for reactions to occur. (Image by Shutterstock / clearviewstock.)

Nickel in the X-ray limelight

Making chemicals for mechanical procedures regularly expects researchers to utilize an impetus — a substance that velocities up to a compound response, decreasing the...
Scientists Show Water Exists in Two Different Liquids

Scientists Show Water Exists in Two Different Liquids

Water is one of the most amazing things on the Earth. Without it, there would be no life and our planet would be a...