Thursday, June 1, 2023


World’s first X-ray of a single atom in Nature

World’s first X-ray SIGNAL (or SIGNATURE) of just one atom.

A mystery ancient marine reptile from Svalbard has been identified

X-ray examination has enabled the classification of a previously-unidentified marine reptile fossil from Edgeøya, Svalbard, and the technique could provide future unique insights into...

AI predicts heart disease risk using a single x-ray

A potential solution for population-based opportunistic screening of cardiovascular disease risk.

Intriguing: First-ever recordings of light from the far side of a black hole

Fulfilling a prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

A new way to improve the efficiency of scintillators

More sensitive X-ray imaging.

Cosmic Spider, a mysterious source of gamma rays, has been found

Using the 4.1-meter SOAR Telescope in Chile, astronomers have discovered the first example of a binary system where a star in the process of...

Another member of the new Cow class of supernova explosions discovered

Astronomers find most luminous "Cow" to shine in x-rays.

Traces of blowtorch like jet Near Milky way’s Supermassive black hole

There is a leak in our Milky way's central black hole.

Scientists created World’s thinnest X-ray detector

The study opens new avenues for the development of next-generation, highly sensitive X-ray detectors.

A new X-ray method improves diagnosis of pulmonary ailments

Dark-field X-ray technology improves the diagnosis of pulmonary ailments.

First potential planet may have been discovered outside our galaxy

The possible exoplanet candidate is located in the spiral galaxy Messier 51 (M51).

A peculiar state of matter in layers of semiconductors

Superlattice embedded with nanodots to prevent dissipating energy to the environment.

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