Wearable Technology

New sonar-equipped glasses use AI to interpret upper body poses in 3D

A game-changer in wearable body-sensing technology.

New wearable sensor monitors last line of defense against antibiotic

Sandia sensor system can track antibiotic levels in real time.

Ultra-thin, tear-charged battery for smart contact lenses

It stores electricity when it is immersed in saline solution and could one-day power smart contact lenses.

Ligand-nanocrystal interactions under visible light irradiation

Researchers demonstrate light-induced quasi-reversible displacement of ligands in organic-inorganic nanocrystals.

A fully integrated system for deep-tissue monitoring

A giant leap forward in wireless ultrasound monitoring for subjects in motion.

Transforming our body into a battery

A new, low-cost wearable device that transforms the human body into a biological battery.

Printing sensors directly on human skin

An international team of researchers developed a novel technique to produce precise, high-performing biometric sensors.

World’s first high-efficiency thermoelectric material discovered

Intrinsically self-healable, stretchable thermoelectric materials.

Wrist-mounted FingerTrak continuously tracks entire human hand in 3D

The device could be used in sign language translation, virtual reality, and more.

Smart contact lens sensor detects common eye problems by altering colors

Wearable electronics, coupled with wireless communications systems and monitoring technologies, are providing advances relevant to medical application development. One of these new advances is...

Wirelessly-controlled Bandage helps heal chronic wounds more effectively

This 'smart' bandage can deliver fresh medication to the wound without being removed.

This smart ring enables precise, fine-grained tracking of user’s finger

With continuous tracking, AuraRing can pick up handwriting - potentially for short responses to text messages.

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