Tissue engineering

Handheld bioprinter prints tissues and organs within the body

New bioprinter addresses key limitations of previous designs.

New bioprinting microrobot repairs gastric wounds inside the body

The new microrobot may eventually limit the need for invasive gastric surgery.

Lego-inspired, tiny 3D-printed bricks help repair bone fractures and soft tissue

The technology allows us to repair tissue more precisely and quickly than current standard methods.

New “Body on a chip” could improve drug evaluation

MIT engineers have recently developed “Body on a chip” technology to evaluate new drugs and detect possible side effects before the drugs are tested in...

Scientists make Research Jelly Grow more Like Biological Tissues

In nature, plant or creature tissues are shaped as new biomass is added to existing structures. Their shape is the aftereffects of various parts...

3D-Printed Device Builds Better Nanofibers

Printed nozzle system could make uniform, versatile fibers at much lower cost.

Here’s How The Latest Balding Cure Will Transform Lives

No doubt, hair has been an important factor in the self-image for humans. Although, healthy hair is a reflection of your lifestyle. According to an estimate,...

Bioengineered Transplantable Livers Mimic Natural Development

How do cells cooperate and utilize their genome to form into the human liver tissue? Scientists applied this question by using novel technologies of...

Scientists Obtain ‘How to’ Guide to Produce Hair Follicles

How does the skin create follicles and in the long run grow hair? Scientists address this question by utilizing experiences gathered from organoids, 3D assemblies...

A New Bio-Ink for 3D Printing with Stem Cells

As I said you earlier through my article 'New Approach Makes 3D Printing Technique More Accessible', scientists are trying to expand 3D printing technology...

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