Device for early detection of organ rejection

Bio-electronic implants detecting kidney transplant rejection early.

The study reveals personal variations in body temperature

Using unsupervised learning to define typical oral temperature ranges in outpatients.

The role of Atlantification in declining Arctic sea ice

How does north Atlantic water influence the arctic ocean climate?

Warming temperatures increase groundwater depletion rates in India

India's groundwater depletion rates could triple in the coming decades due to the warming climate.

Heat stress in cattle is a global risk due to climate change

Expansion of cattle farming and unchecked climate change could expose over 1 billion cows to heat stress.

Scientists build synthetic catalysts to break down biomass

Scientists are trying to mimic the features of natural enzymes.

Butterfly-inspired films create vibrant colors while cooling objects passively

Nanofilms could significantly reduce cooling energy in buildings and vehicles.

Invar alloys stay the same size when heated

The Invar effect: A thermodynamic explanation.

The new catalyst reduces methane pollution in millions of engines

Researchers show method to remove greenhouse gas from natural gas engine exhaust.

Warmer, murkier waters put predators of guppies at risk

How temperature and turbidity change the way guppies avoid predators?

FSU researchers unveil new model for chemical garden growth

Modeling chemical garden growth in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Drones that can detect and map burning buildings and wildfires

Researchers create drone capable of entering burning buildings.

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