Monday, February 6, 2023


MIT’s Mini Cheetah runs at the highest speed ever recorded

The robot learns to run entirely by trial and error in simulation.

Mimicking the human brain to help robot out of maze

Organic neuromorphic robots can now move too.

Representing robotic manipulator using a novel method

Contact-aware robot design.

Researchers taught microscopic robots to walk using laser pulses

These microscopic robots may someday travel through human tissue and blood, delivering drugs.

Structural zinc battery could provide 72 times more energy for robots

Thanks to a new zinc battery, robots could store energy like "biological fat reserves" in animals.

New bioprinting microrobot repairs gastric wounds inside the body

The new microrobot may eventually limit the need for invasive gastric surgery.

Facebook builds a robot to install fiber-optic cable efficiently and cheaply

It aims to reduce the cost of deploying fiber cable to make internet service cheaper.

Humanoid chewing robot could help assess medicated chewing gum

Robot jaws show medicated chewing gum could be the future.

A 13-year-old student names NASA’s newest Mars rover

It was until now known by the generic name of Mars 2020, but this Thursday, on March 5, NASA unveiled the name chosen for...

RoboBee can crash, fly, and collide without being damaged

It is the first microrobot powered by soft actuators to achieve controlled flight.

New microscopic biohybrid robots propelled by muscles, nerves

A new generation of two-tailed bots powered by skeletal muscle tissue stimulated by on-board motor neurons.

New roach-inspired robot withstands 1 million times the weight of its own

Unlike large-scale robots powered by bulky actuators/motors, small-scale soft robots are often restricted to small actuators with low output power based on materials of...

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