Study reveals three genes linked to neurodevelopmental disorders

Spliceosome malfunction linked to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Scientists discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems

These systems that have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics, and more.

Yale researchers uncover the process of accurate RNA splicing

Structural exploration of intron catalysis and dynamics in the splicing process.

Scientists discovered three novel Minorisa species

The smallest predatory Marine Picoplankton.

UCLA team discovers heart regeneration pathway in stem cells

RBFox1 regulates postnatal cardiomyocyte maturation.

Targeting TUG1 gene to treat brain tumors and replication stress

TUG1's role in resolving R-loops at microsatellite sites for cancer cell growth.

Fanzors are widespread among eukaryotic organisms, study

Thousands of programmable DNA-cutters found in algae, snails, and other organisms.

UMass Amherst study reveals small RNA’s vital role in fighting cancer

Let-7 boosts tumor-fighting CD8 T cells in mice.

Advancing our knowledge of early human embryo growth

Differences in gene activity in reprogrammed human 8-Cell-like cells.

First-ever RNA recovery from extinct species

RNA history of extinct Tasmanian tiger.

COVID patients emit 1,000 virus copies per min in early symptoms

Exhaled SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies during COVID-19 infection.

Exploring why some brain tumors don’t react to immunotherapy

Blocking immune checkpoints changes how brain tumors grow.

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