Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Predicting biological structures more accurately using machine learning

Scratching the surface in terms of scientific progress to be made.

Human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA

In a discovery that challenges long-held dogma in biology, scientists show that mammalian cells can convert RNA sequences back into DNA, a feat more common in viruses than eukaryotic cells.

A new ecological biosignature could help detect life in vastly different environments

The new research takes its starting point from the idea that stoichiometry, or chemical ratios, can serve as biosignatures.

A technique for imaging biological samples with accuracy

The method offers inexpensive imaging at the scale of virus particles.

Scientists discovered how cells are protected from premature aging

Understanding the processes that regulate cell survival in aging and cancer.

How mitochondria distribute their transcriptome throughout the cell?

Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome.

Study to explore molecular mysteries of protein-RNA droplets

The research could improve understanding of cellular processes that impact human health.

Studies reveal the existence and function of complex RNA structures

Study reveals RNA G-quadruplex structures.

How did life begin?

The origin of life (abiogenesis) is still a great mystery in science. Regardless of all we know from science and physics, the specific insights...

Hepatitis B: A novel therapeutic approach to cure chronic infection

Therapeutic vaccination may help to cure chronic hepatitis B infection.

A first in-depth look at the microbiome of human sperm

What human sperm RNA-Seq tells us about the microbiome?

First building blocks of life on Earth explained

It may have been messier than previously thought.

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