Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Modifying mRNA may provide a new target for Alzheimer’s disease

Complex path promotes immune cell migration and clearance of toxic protein

Why do older fathers pass on more genetic mutations to their offspring?

The mechanisms that might underlie these well-documented trends have long remained a mystery.

Study sheds light on why human lymph nodes lose their function with age

The study is a first step toward understanding why lipomatosis occur.

Scientists created synthetic living cells with lifelike functionality

Pioneering research using bacteria brings scientists a step closer to creating artificial cells.

Asteroids can hold life generating molecules

Researchers successfully identified all five nucleobases of DNA and RNA in meteorites

Self-evolving RNA offers insight into the origin of life

Experiment sheds light on the molecular evolution of RNA.

Analyzing the DNA, RNA, and chromatin simultaneously from a single cell

New technology enables an unprecedented glimpse inside single brain cells.

How the mRNA gets its final shape?

mRNA provides a blueprint for proteins.

A new way to boost the efficiency of single-cell RNA sequencing

DisCo: a powerful tool that can “read” the genetic profile of an individual cell.

How a virus transforms immune cells into cancer?

An international team has mapped how the HTLV-1 virus causes rare leukemia in some people.

The absence of a genetic switch can cause malformations during embryonic development

A missing genetic switch at the origin of malformations.

Crucial role of Apterous(Ap) protein in Long term memory consolidation

Insights will promise new approaches to the treatment of memory-related disorders.

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