A new dawn in malaria management

Exploring long non-coding RNA in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

Targeting mosquito hearing with insecticides

Insecticide target: Modulating malaria mosquito hearing.

Disorient malaria parasite to prevent harm

UNIGE scientists discover new molecular sensor for malaria parasite infecting humans or mosquitoes.

Robotic vehicles are used to fight against mosquitos carrying dengue

Effectiveness of using automatic vehicles to monitor sewers for Aedes mosquitos and carry out eradication.

Electrical synapses in the neural network of insects control flight power

Researchers discovered the neural circuit used to regulate insect wingbeat frequency.

Proteins responsible for activating mosquito sperm can be shut down

New research could help control infectious pests.

New synthetic skin may unlock blood-sucking secrets of mosquitoes

The 3D-printed skin can help scientists study how mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases.

A study looks at the bacteria on and in mosquitoes

The bacteria-ridden exteriors of mosquitoes may be another reason to arm yourself with a swatter.

Genetically derived Mosquitoes help in slow down the growth of spreading Malaria

Scientists put together the mosquitoes that can’t spread malaria.

Mosquito immune cells could shed light on the insect immune system

A better understanding of how these immune cells function.

Mosquitoes are now a year-round threat to Miami-Dade County, study

Mosquitoes that can transmit dangerous viruses are now a year-round threat to Miami-Dade County, according to a new study.

New mosquito repelling molecule identified

Indian researchers have synthesized a new aromatic molecule that promises to help repel and kill adult female of Aedes aegypti mosquito which is carrier...

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