Research identifies the body’s reaction to seven days fasting

Adaptive proteomic changes in humans during 7-day caloric restriction.

Scientists find a protein that stabilizes mitochondria in ALS

VAP anchors mitochondria for local energy support during synaptic changes.

YAP and TAZ: Potential keys for fetal bone growth

YAP and TAZ: Mechanoregulation in murine bone development.

Examining membrane protein structure using molecular ”cookie cutters”

The nanoscale organization of membrane proteins in native membranes at single-molecule resolution.

A new way found to identify a sign of inflammatory bowel disease

Unlocking human chemical structures via reverse metabolomics.

UCLA unravels aggressive growth in prostate cancers, eluding treatment

Temporal evolution reveals dual lineages in prostate cancer transformation.

Blood goes wireless

Practical scaling of molecular networks.

Aspirin activates protective genes against bowel cancer

Salicylate suppresses colorectal cancer metastasis via AMPK activation.

Stanford’s eye aging clock for ocular disease treatment

AI-powered liquid biopsy reveals eye aging and disease drivers.

AI accelerates brain tumor type identification

Swift intraoperative CNS tumor typing with deep learning.

Nuclease activity of Trimeric Schlafen domains in piRNA processing

Trimeric Schlafen-domain nuclease and piRNA processing.

Case Western Reserve identifies esophageal cancer gene mutation

New genetic paradigm for esophageal adenocarcinoma risk.

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