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Animals in the western Arctic have higher levels of mercury in their bodies than those in the eastern Arctic. Credit: Shutterstock

Mystery of mercury levels in Arctic animals gets solved

A mystery that troubled scientists for more than a decade have now solved. The peak concentration of Methylmercury in the enriched layer in the...
Corals, such as this table Acroporid, provide habitats for a wide range of fauna (photo: Marco Milazzo)

Ocean acidification largely impacts on marine life

Carbon dioxide emissions are rising and causing a bad impact on marine life as heat waves and ocean acidification damage marine ecosystems. In a new...
A Porites coral showing immune response on the Great Barrier Reef (Credit Robert Puschendorf)

Immunity could be key to addressing coral crisis

Coral reefs bolster a fourth of all marine life, feed a huge number of individuals and contribute inconceivably to the worldwide economy. Be that...