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This illustration shows the percentage of marine animals that went extinct at the end of the Permian era by latitude, from the model (black line) and from the fossil record (blue dots). A greater percentage of marine animals survived in the tropics than at the poles. The color of the water shows the temperature change, with red being most severe warming and yellow less warming. At the top is the supercontinent Pangaea, with massive volcanic eruptions emitting carbon dioxide. The images below the line represent some of the 96 percent of marine species that died during the event. [Includes fossil drawings by Ernst Haeckel/Wikimedia; Blue crab photo by Wendy Kaveney/Flickr; Atlantic cod photo by Hans-Petter Fjeld/Wikimedia; Chambered nautilus photo by John White/CalPhotos.]Justin Penn and Curtis Deutsch/University of Washington

Global warming wiped out 95% of marine life 252 million years ago

A new study by the University of Washington has suggested that extreme global warming caused Earth's biggest ever mass extinction. The largest extinction in Earth's history...
Animals in the western Arctic have higher levels of mercury in their bodies than those in the eastern Arctic. Credit: Shutterstock

Mystery of mercury levels in Arctic animals gets solved

A mystery that troubled scientists for more than a decade have now solved. The peak concentration of Methylmercury in the enriched layer in the...
Corals, such as this table Acroporid, provide habitats for a wide range of fauna (photo: Marco Milazzo)

Ocean acidification largely impacts on marine life

Carbon dioxide emissions are rising and causing a bad impact on marine life as heat waves and ocean acidification damage marine ecosystems. In a new...
A Porites coral showing immune response on the Great Barrier Reef (Credit Robert Puschendorf)

Immunity could be key to addressing coral crisis

Coral reefs bolster a fourth of all marine life, feed a huge number of individuals and contribute inconceivably to the worldwide economy. Be that...