Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Machine learning

A new way to model how waves break

Engineers use artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of breaking waves.

Nomon: System helps severely motor-impaired individuals type more quickly and accurately

A new interface learns how motor-impaired individuals make selections, and then self-adjusts accordingly.

MIT’s Mini Cheetah runs at the highest speed ever recorded

The robot learns to run entirely by trial and error in simulation.

Using quantum computing to see what’s inside a black hole

Understanding holographic duality.

Seeing the plasma edge of fusion experiments in new ways

A simplified turbulence theory’s ability to model complex plasma phenomena.

New machine learning model to identify treatments that pose a higher risk

The system could help physicians select the least risky treatments in urgent situations.

New technique represent 3D scenes from images about 15,000 times faster

The technique enables the real-time rendering of scenes in 3D.

GeoMol: New deep learning model to predict the 3D shapes of a molecule

Taking some of the guesswork out of drug discovery.

NASA added a whopping 301 exoplanets to the list of confirmed planets

The deep learning method adds 301 planets to Kepler's total count.

Scientists pinpointed the likely home of martian meteorites

The study would help provide the context to unravel the geological history of Mars.

Google introduces Pathways, a new generation of AI

A new AI architecture that will handle many tasks at once.

New AI predicts the success of startup companies

It could help investors identify the next unicorn.

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