Machine learning

AI automatically detects methane plumes from space

A powerful tool in combating climate change.

Micromotors can generate green energy from wastewater

This is an interesting discovery.

Machine learning can enhance nuclear reactor security and efficiency

Advances in machine learning for nuclear power operations spell a brighter future for carbon-free energy.

Nanowire ‘brain’ network learns and remembers ‘on the fly’

Critical step passed for developing agile, low-energy machine intelligence.

A new simulation method predicts powder mixing using AI

New simulation method that accurately predicts powder mixing using AI.

New method to shorten escape times in emergency situations

New research demonstrates enhanced vehicle evacuation routing with hybrid quantum computing during a disaster.

Computer vision reveals the working of lithium-ion batteries in detail

‘Computer vision’ reveals unprecedented physical and chemical details of how a lithium-ion battery works.

Scientists used machine learning to perform quantum error correction

Minimizing the device overhead while maintaining good error correcting performance.

How has lightning been evolving over the past decades?

Light­ning activ­ity dou­bled in a few decades.

Machine learning models to predict adolescent suicide and self-harm risk

AI is increasingly being used in mental health to detect high-risk individuals.

Energy storage in molecules

Optimizing molecular photoswitches for solar energy harvesting.

Incorporating human error into machine learning

How sure is sure?

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