Machine learning

AI can predict your future health

Machine learning automates abdominal aortic calcification Assessment.

A new way to look at data privacy

A privacy technique that protects sensitive data while maintaining a machine-learning model’s performance.

A portable solar-powered water harvester combats water scarcity

MOF water harvester uses sunlight to extract water from death valley air.

Predicting molecule’s properties using language learning

The AI algorithm predicts molecular features with little data, which speeds up medication discovery.

Uncovering the source of merging black holes in galaxies like the one we live in

Shedding light on the enigmatic nature of these celestial "beasts".

A dataset to improve automatic captioning systems

A new dataset can help scientists develop automatic systems that generate richer.

Detecting signs of Alzheimer’s across languages

Researchers meet the challenge of developing a model that uses speech traits to detect cognitive decline.

UCL researchers identified five types of heart failure

Significant differences found between the subtypes in patients’ risk of dying in the year after diagnosis.

Using AI, scientists identified a new antibiotic combatting drug-resistant infections

The machine-learning algorithm identified a compound that kills Acinetobacter baumannii.

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