Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Machine learning

A new method to boost the speed of online databases

The method accelerates data retrieval in huge databases.

Almost nowhere on earth is safe

World first study into global daily air pollution shows almost nowhere on earth is safe.

Targeting Alzheimer’s using AI

Model tested on tens of thousands of routine brain scans spotted disease risk with 90% accuracy.

Organoid intelligence: A revolutionary path to drive computing forward

The many possible applications of this research urge the strategic development of OI.

New synthetic skin may unlock blood-sucking secrets of mosquitoes

The 3D-printed skin can help scientists study how mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases.

Scientists used machine learning to understand how water behaves

This is the first time anyone has been able to study this transition with this level of accuracy.

Scientists developed a scaled-up version of a probabilistic computer

A scaled-up spintronic probabilistic computer.

Machine learning tools autonomously classify 1000 supernovae

The algorithm helps astronomers sift through discoveries from Zwicky Transient Facility.

A laser system based on a network like a spider’s web

Spiderweb-like lasers can emit light in controlled colors.

Synthetic data can offer real performance improvements in machine learning

Models trained on synthetic data can be more accurate than other models in some cases.

An innovative strategy for creating tailored odors and fragrances

Can we use machine learning methods to predict the sensing data of odor mixtures and design new smells?

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