Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Significant insights into the development of the vertebrate head

Cranial neural crest-derived cells (CNCCs) are a vertebrate-specific population, often referred to as the fourth germ layer. They have extraordinary potential to form diverse...

Using gene-editing to create single-sex mice litters

The technology could be used to improve animal welfare in scientific research and perhaps also agriculture.

Study uncovered complex dance of developmental genes

The delicate dance of developmental genes.

Gene editing could stop virus transmission in cells

Discovery points to targeted treatment for COVID-19.

Secrets to precisely turning on and off genes

The study opens new avenues for improved biotechnologies.

Scientists find genomic regions that decide zinc density in wheat 

Scientists have identified regions in the wheat genome responsible for the concentration of zinc in wheat grain. They have also identified candidate genes involved...

Similar targets, different solutions separate the sheep and goats, study

Researchers from Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute sequenced and analyzed the genomes of wild Asiatic mouflon and Bezoar ibex and compared their genomes...

Understanding the complex mechanism underlying sleep

Our orgasms daily work lots of time in sleep and that sleep deprivation can have disastrous effects ultimately leading to death, demonstrate the importance of...

New PET radiotracer reveals epigenetic activity of human brain

Scientists have devised a new PET radiotracer to reveal the epigenetic activity of human brain. It is the method to discover whether the genes...

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