11 genes linked to aggressive prostate cancer mutations

Using germline sequencing to guide prostate cancer gene panel testing.

Healthy living prevents depression, with insights from new research

Exploring the links between lifestyle, depression, and brain mechanisms.

Genetic testing and unnecessary breast surgery in women

Family history's impact on hereditary cancer in the population.

Genetic study links blood sugar and type 2 diabetes treatment

Diabetes pathophysiology and treatment: A genetic perspective.

Undetected glaucoma in older people

Glaucoma prevalence in Gothenburg's 70-year-old population.

The complete sequences of multiple human Y chromosomes

Unveiling the entire sequence of a human Y chromosome.

Since 2009, the “swine flu” strain transmitted from humans to swine

Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine.

A new approach to genetic genealogy reveals african american heritage

A novel method for determining genetic ancestry that sheds light on the history of African Americans.

Maize tolerance to moderate heat stress has increased

Researchers assess 81 years of public records and over 4,700 maize hybrid varieties.

Siblings with autism share more of dad’s genome, not mom’s

Scientists flipped the script on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) genetics.

Groundbreaking: The clearest snapshot of human genomic diversity ever taken

Characterizing the fraction of human DNA that varies between individuals.

Brain diseases are better classified using analysis of gene activity

Research led by Yashar Zeighami at McGill University, Canada provides a new way to characterize brain diseases. The study, published in the open access...

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