Bengal Cat Coats: Less wild than they look

Their appearance stems largely from domesticated cats.

Study reveals broader impact of childhood adversity

Childhood adversity linked to adult mental health issues.

Genomic time machine: Revealing DNA secrets

Fresh insights into human evolution and health.

Innovative tool enhances disease-causing gene discovery

Enhanced gene discovery with genetic confounder adjustment.

Women’s reproductive events linked to diabetes, high cholesterol

Women's life stages and how they affect health later.

Mapping oral stem cells for healing power

Dental pulp & ligament stem cells: A single-cell perspective.

New research points to microbiome’s role in skin aging

Multi-study analysis reveals microbial clues to skin aging signs.

Study identifies a wide range of risk factors for young-onset dementia

The groundwork for new prevention strategies.

Advancing infection diagnosis: Study on innovative metagenomic tool

France's clinical metagenomics: A study on performance

IBD and the rare genetic lens on health disparities

Exploring admixture's role in rare variant contribution to IBD.

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