Political views and welfare attitudes impact obesity perception

Weight stigma, welfare attitudes, and politics in a British survey.

The study reveals personal variations in body temperature

Using unsupervised learning to define typical oral temperature ranges in outpatients.

Algorithmic decision-making: The future of decision making

Equity in algorithmic decision-making.

Women STEM instructors encourage undergraduates to conceal stigmatized identities

Women working as STEM instructors are more likely than men to disclose their undergraduate identities.

Purpose and Competence: The key to adolescent success

Wellbeing beyond happiness: What Matters for adolescent academic achievement.

The scent from a person’s hand can be used to predict their sex

Analysis of scent compounds from the palm can predict a person’s sex with more than 96% accuracy.

Doctors from Minority ethnic groups are less likely to get specialist NHS training posts

Female applicants are more successful in appealing to different genders.

Transgender children identify with their gender as strongly as cisgender children do

Among transgender children, gender identity as strong as in cisgender children.

Gender influence organ transplant rejection rate

Men and women who get gave organs can have diverse rates of transplant dismissal, at times affected by the sex of the benefactor, as...

High-Stakes Exams can put Female Students at a Disadvantage

According to a new study by the Standford University, in introductory biology courses, women tend to perform worse than men on high-stakes exams. It also...

Men Develop Irregular Heartbeat Earlier than Women; Extra Weight a Factor

According to a large new study, men tend to build up a kind of irregular heartbeat earlier than women. The major cause behind this is...

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