Reducing salt intake: Quick and delicious low-salt meal ideas

For a start, research shows they may want to focus on eliminating extra salt from their diet.

Adding bananas to your smoothies? You need to stop

Blending certain ingredients in smoothies can influence whether your body is getting a nutritional boost.

Rare palm species discovered that they flower underground

Palm family (Arecaceae) to flower and fruit almost entirely underground.

Novel antibiotics found in fruit flies

Peptide from fruit flies blocks bacterial protein synthesis.

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage is high in sugar and low in nutrients

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage products in Canada–Prevalence, power, and nutritional quality.

Turning fruit and plastic wastes into a material used in the water purifier

An ultra-thin material from fruit waste for solar-powered water purification.

Study revealed the environmental impact of processed foods

More nutritious foods are often more sustainable.

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