Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Finding reveals mechanism linking chronic pain to food

The study may reveal new physiological mechanisms linking chronic pain to a change in someone’s eating behavior.

An abundance of food options for humans in Israel 23000 years ago

It does not seem that climatic pressure and demographic forcing were factors driving the composition of the Brush Hut 1 faunal assemblage.

PV-driven microbial food production uses land and sunlight more efficiently

The protein from microbes uses a fraction of the resources of conventional farming.

Good news for wine and cheese lovers

The study indicates diet may help reduce cognitive decline.

3-D printing milk-based products at room temperature

A method to perform direct ink writing (DIW) three-dimensional (3D) printing of milk products.

Food scientists ‘upcycle’ unsold bread into tasty probiotic drink and cuts food waste

Surplus bread is a major waste problem for bakeries and food retailers. While some unsold bread are donated to charities, most are resold as...

Scientist found technique improves quality parameters of tomato-based beverage

The researchers reported that Atmospheric Cold Plasma (ACP) processing technology helped to improve the quality parameters of tomato-based beverages during storage. The research is...

Study uncovers the effect of cooked vs raw food on gut microbiome

How cooking itself alters the composition of the microbial ecosystems in our guts?

Food freshness sensors could replace ‘use-by’ dates to cut food waste

Food waste is a major global problem with substantial economic and environmental consequences. 30% of all food produced for human consumption (∼1.3 billion tons)...

Open food repo DNA: Enabling consumers to analyze their food’s DNA

Food systems emerged with the dawn of civilization when agriculture, including the domestication of animals, set the stage for permanent settlements. Since agriculture began,...

Human diet causing ‘catastrophic’ damage to planet

As of now, about a billion people are ravenous and another two billion are eating excessively of the wrong food, causing epidemics of obesity,...

A New Way to Mix Oil and Water

Even after mixing oil and water together, they tend to remains separate. The oil always floats to the top because it is less dense than...

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