Eating more ultra-processed foods may be linked to higher risk of some cancers

Study finds processed foods, obesity, and cancer link in European research.

Testing a breakthrough material for dry mouth conditions

Comparing a new hydrogel lubricant with commercial saliva substitutes.

Hormones have the potential to treat liver fibrosis

Homeostatic pericyte signaling in murine MASH: Single-cell resolution.

New insights uncovered: Obesity’s effects on breast cancer

Exploring how obesity influences breast cancer: Research findings

Protein-causing liver damage could be a new focus for treatment

The role of CYR61 in liver damage and NASH Fibrosis.

Long-term cognitive advantages found in infant formula with milk addition

Enhanced Neurodevelopmental outcomes in kids with special infant formula.

Hopeful progress in retina cell research for battling blindness

A nanofibrous scaffold with fluocinolone acetonide enhances culturing of retinal pigment epithelial cells.

Linking lipid metabolism changes to the stress response

Lipid homeostasis and optimal ER stress response.

Chemicals in plastics: A risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

NIEHS grant fuels research into chemical exposure's role in atherosclerosis development.

Consumption of Cardamom for appetite boost and fat burn

Cardamom seeds boost energy expenditure and reduce fat in mice.

The amount of fat burned during exercise varies greatly between people

Study reveals limitations of commercial exercise machines.

Weight loss medications challenges for breast cancer survivors

Weight loss medications may not work as well for breast cancer survivors.

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