Münster University’s study of nanomachines in peroxisomal processes

Unveiling the peroxisomal Pex1/Pex6 ATPase complex with substrate.

Advancing Water Pollution Solutions with 3D-Printed ‘Living Material’

Engineered cyanobacteria in phenotypically complex living materials.

Scientists build synthetic catalysts to break down biomass

Scientists are trying to mimic the features of natural enzymes.

Bioengineered enzyme scissors trim cancer cell defenses

Creating a particular enzyme to remove cancer mucus.

New antibiotic shows promise against drug-resistant superbugs

LPC-233: A new antibiotic against drug-resistant bacteria.

Protein essential for effective bacterial immune response

Protein NLRP11 is essential for bacterial infection defense.

Peptides target key enzymes in bacterial biofilms

Peptide disrupts biofilm formation by targeting a key enzyme.

A gene-editing technology could help to accelerate cancer mutations

Scientists can develop new drugs to target cancer mutations.

Restoring control to a brain region can help to prevent the use of opioids

Pyramidal neurons contribute to drug seeking in opioid use disorder.

Why insects are so rare in marine environments

Animals harden their shells to protect themselves.

The potential of fungal genetics in the development of innovative biotechnologies

Fungal Biotechnology: A Historical Perspective and Future Outlook.

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