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MIT researchers have built a new chip, hardwired to perform public-key encryption, that consumes only 1/400 as much power as software execution of the same protocols would. It also uses about 1/10 as much memory and executes 500 times faster

New energy-efficient encryption technique for the internet of things

Most delicate web exchanges are ensured by open key cryptography, a sort of encryption that gives PCs a chance to share data safely without...
Depiction of the proposed system in a metropolitan city where quantum-secure information is transferred between two quantum nodes.

High-Speed Quantum Encryption to Secure the Future Internet

Recent advances in quantum computers may soon give hackers access to machines powerful enough to crack even the toughest of standard internet security codes....
The First One-Bit Chemical Memory Unit- The 'Chit'

The First One-Bit Chemical Memory Unit- The ‘Chit’

In computers, information is stored in bits 1 and 0 which also called binary code. In quantum computing, it is stored in quantum bits or...