Data Storage

New machine-learning technique promises 40% speed boost in real-world datasets

It predicts the future to optimize how information gets stored.

A new electrical method for next-gen electronic devices and quantum computers

For the first time, scientists demonstrate how to electronically alter the direction of electron flow.

A rare electronic state emerges in five-layer graphene

A newly discovered type of electronic behavior could help with packing more data into magnetic memory devices.

New urea-based metal-free system allows high-density data storage

This work will pave the way for lightweight flexible electronic devices.

EPFL researchers have sent and stored data using charge-free magnetic waves

The discovery could solve the dilemma of energy-hungry computing technology in the age of big data.

A novel way to switch antiferromagnetism on and off

The findings could lead to faster, more secure memory storage, in the form of antiferromagnetic bits.

New data transfer system to transmit information 10 times faster than a USB

The advance could improve the energy efficiency of data centers and lighten the load for electronics-rich vehicles.

A nanopore-based system could replace conventional data storage devices

Bacterial nanopores open the future of data storage.

The highest-level storage technology that has been developed so far

A new physical phenomenon that could increase chip storage capacity up to 1,000 times.

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