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Novel chipset offers speeds 10 to 100 times faster than 5G systems

The novel 640 Gbps chipset paves the way for next-generation wireless systems.

New ‘unhackable’ chip enables AI computing at speed of light

The chip can accelerate the processing speed of computers and reduce their energy consumption.

High-performance memory devices inspired by the human brain

A proton-driven approach that enables multiple ferroelectric phase transitions.

Proton-driven approach enables high-performance memory devices

Researchers aim to enhance the storage capacity of memory devices.

Scientists developed a neuromorphic computer chip that mimics the brain

University of Canterbury (UC) Physics Professor Simon Brown is building up a neuromorphic computer chip that may take care of one of the most...

New 3D Computer Chip Uses Nanotech to Boost Processing Power

Scientists at the Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new type of 3D computer chip that combines two cutting-edge nanotechnologies. Today's...

IBM’s New Computer Chips Can Fit 30 Million Transistors on Your Fingertip

IBM researchers recently unveiled a brand new way of manufacturing computer chips. It involves 30 million transistors packed into space the size of a fingernail. IBM,...

Scientists developed new flexible magnetic plastic memory device

Nowadays, flexible electronics has become the subject of active research. Although, flexible magnetic memory devices have attracted a lot of attention. Additionally, it becomes...

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