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CO2 emissions

New carbon capture method powered by clean, geothermal energy

A climate-friendly way to capture carbon dioxide in the air.

FPS launches zero-emission hydrogen-powered cargo barge

The hydrogen-powered vessel will ship goods completely emission-free on the Rhine.

Ammonia as a marine fuel is not green enough for environment

The alternative with the lowest cost is environmentally problematic.

New electrochemical reactor captures carbon dioxide at the flick of a switch

New technology could lower the cost of capturing carbon dioxide from all types of emissions.

Global emissions of several banned ozone-destroying chemicals are increasing

Increased ozone-depleting chemicals due to Montreal Protocol loophole.

Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

Electric vehicles dominate when indirect supply chain emissions are accounted for.

Plant residues play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions

CO2 storage through dead plant material.

This common mineral could be a key to reducing climate change impacts

A new low-carbon method to produce the common mineral.

Volta Zero, a futuristic electric truck with 200 km of autonomy

The Zero, with no tailpipe emissions, is a truck built for the zero emissions city.

This technology can effectively capture CO2 from trucks and buses

Capturing CO2 directly in the trucks’ exhaust system.

Solar energy turns into biofuel without solar cells

It seems like soon we will be able to replace fossil fuels with a carbo-neutral product created from solar energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Cyanobacteria,...

CO2 emissions are on track to increase global temperatures by over 1.5˚C

CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, which can have serious consequences for humans and their environment. Scientists always debated on surrounding global warming and...

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