Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Red bricks can be converted into energy storage units

Imagine plugging into your brick house.

A new rechargeable battery that can be charged wirelessly using light from indoor sources

Indoor-light-energy-harvesting Dye-sensitized photo-Rechargeable battery.

New cathode coating makes lithium-ion batteries even more efficient and safer

It fully and completely protects each particle of the cathode - inside and out.

Graphene doped with sodium could make better batteries

Lithium becomes a vital material for battery technology as it widely being used in cell-phones and car batteries. Graphite doped with lithium atoms is...

The first quantum phase battery

In a new study, scientists presented the results from a theoretical and experimental collaboration that has led to the fabrication of the first quantum...

Russian scientists to improve the battery for sensors

Researchers of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) approached the creation of a solid-state thin-film battery for miniature devices and sensors. The results...

New sodium-ion battery for large-scale energy storage

Lithium-ion batteries are composed of materials such as cobalt and lithium, which are rare, expensive. With the growing demand for electricity storage, these materials...

A way towards greener fast-charging batteries

Using sodium instead of Lithium, scientists at the Imperial College London have created a fast-charging battery prototype. Their new approach could ave a way...

Microwaves may provide an avenue for renewable energy conversion and storage

Scientists at Purdue University have created a new technology that includes microwaves to offer an avenue for renewable energy conversion and storage. Their technique...

Samsung’s long-lasting all-solid-state battery promises 800 km range EV

It also allows batteries to be made 50% less bulky than current lithium-ion batteries.

Fast charging can damage electric car batteries

According to a new study by the University of California, Riverside- Adaptive fast-charging methodology for commercial electric batteries can cause them to crack, leak,...

Safer high-performing lithium-sulfur batteries with NBL’s Cupcake electrolyte

When it comes to batteries, capacity and performance are important, but safety is also a fundamental element. Batteries not only contain highly flammable liquid...

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