Friday, March 24, 2023


World’s first direct observation of electron and positron capture process

This study opens up a new window for direct observation of the positron capture process.

An extremely long beam of matter and antimatter extending from a tiny pulsar

Tiny star unleashes Gargantuan beam of matter and antimatter.

Why there’s so little antimatter in the universe?

Radioactive molecules are sensitive to subtle nuclear phenomena and might help physicists probe the violation of the most fundamental symmetries of nature.

LHCb measured a tiny mass difference between two particles

The result is a milestone in studying how a particle known as a D0 meson changes from matter into antimatter and back.

CERN scientists demonstrated laser cooling of antihydrogen atoms for the first time

The groundbreaking achievement produces colder antimatter than ever before.

The long-Standing mystery of matter and antimatter solved

Scientists at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) have discovered an element that could hold the key to the long-standing mystery around...

Why there is much more matter than antimatter in our Universe?

According to the Standard Model, matter and antimatter should have been created in equal quantities at the time of the Big Bang—yet our Universe...

Neutrinos explain how the universe exists

A new study offers evidence that neutrinos are responsible for the universe is dominated by matter. Why matter persists over antimatter? This is a question that...

How the matter was created in the universe?

Standard double-beta decay is a proven particle process. Two neutrons, which are uncharged particles in the nucleus of an atom, transform into two protons...

Could the profound mysteries of antimatter and dark matter be linked?

Study presents a direct search for interactions of antimatter with dark matter.

Higgs Troika may have been responsible for disappearance of antimatter

The theory could explain why there is so much more matter in the universe than antimatter.

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