Pregnancy hastens biological aging in young adults

Pregnancy may carry a cost.

Genomic time machine: Revealing DNA secrets

Fresh insights into human evolution and health.

New insights into metabolites that control aging and disease

Deciphering molecular mysteries.

Scientists identified a protein that prevents cellular ageing

A tidy cell seems to keep aging at bay.

Disparities in mastectomy reconstruction for older Asian women

Lower rates of immediate breast reconstruction in elderly Asian women.

AI can tell your true biological age

How old are you, really?

New chemical cocktail can reverse aging, study

Discovery of chemical means to reverse aging and restore cellular function.

Scientists revealed potential targets to delay motor aging

Identifying evolutionarily conserved mechanisms that can be exploited to delay or ameliorate motor aging.

Black Americans may face relatively accelerated biological aging due to lower socioeconomic status

Eliminating the racial gaps in education, income, and wealth would alleviate weathering.

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