Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Aging neutralizes sex differences in the brain

The changes are larger in males than in females.

The study offers evidence that alcohol accelerates biological aging

It has been less certain whether alcohol also accelerates the aging process.

Poor sleep is linked to feeling older and worse outlook on aging

Poor sleep in the over 50s is linked to more negative perceptions of ageing.

New mother’s sleepless nights is linked to accelerated aging

Too little sleep in the first six months after birth can add 3 to 7 years to women’s 'biological age'.

A new way to reverse cell aging

Turning off a newly identified enzyme could reverse a natural aging process in cells.

This oxygen beauty treatment can make you younger

In first, aging stopped in humans.

Direct reprogramming of human cells could slow aging

This is the first study to reveal ways cells from the human circulatory system change with age.

Among wild mammals too, most females live longer than males

In human populations, women consistently outlive men, which suggests profound biological foundations for sex differences in survival. What about other mammals in the wild? Quantifying whether...

Scientists reprogrammed cells from a 114-year-old woman

Supercentenarians (≥110-year-old, SC) are a uniquely informative population not only because they surpass centenarians in age, but because they appear to age more slowly...

Breakthrough pathways can extend lifespan by 500%

This is obviously incredibly exciting.

First robotic system that plays tic tac toe

Analysts from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Beer-Sheva, Israel, have demonstrated a robot that plays Tic Tac Toe with rehabilitation patients to enhance...

New research could extend egg health with age

If women don't have had children before their mid-30s, there are fewer chances of having children after that period. But scientists at the Princeton University have...

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