Imperial College London

Flu shot can provide effective immunity for people living with HIV

People who are being treated for HIV can gain effective protection against seasonal flu with the influenza (flu) vaccine, new findings confirm.

Microneedle biosensors accurately detect patient antibiotic levels in real-time

Small, non-invasive patches worn on the skin can precisely recognize the levels of medicine in a patient's system, coordinating the exactness of current clinical...

Scientists discovered a new protocluster in the process of forming hundreds of galaxies

In the present universe, full-formed galaxy clusters contain thousands of member galaxies including tens of massive galaxies. These clusters are the largest astronomical objects...

Baby brain scan library could help understand how the brain develops

Hundreds of MRI scans of babies’ brains have been made available online to scientists push forward research.

Scientists discovered a new strain of group A streptococcus bacteria

Group A streptococcus is a bacterium often found in the throat and on the skin. It is known to cause known to cause scarlet...

Thwaites Glacier is melting faster than thought

Vintage film of Antarctic glaciers hints at early ice shelf collapse.

Breast cancer can form ‘sleeper cells’ after drug treatment

Breast cancer medicines may force some cancer cells into ‘sleeper mode’, allowing them to potentially come back to life years after initial treatment.

White matter affects how people respond to brain stimulation therapy

Tiny changes in the microscopic structure of the human brain may affect how patients respond to an emerging therapy for neurological problems.

Lab-based dark energy experiment narrows search options for elusive force

An experiment to test a popular theory of dark energy has found no evidence of new forces, placing strong constraints on related theories.

Study uncovers how heavy social media use disrupts girls’ mental health

Frequent, heavy social media use can disrupt activities which promote positive mental health in girls.