Bacterial threat to newborns from mothers

Placental S. agalactiae DNA linked to neonatal unit admission and pro-inflammatory cytokines in term infants.

Scientists discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems

These systems that have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics, and more.

Yale researchers uncover the process of accurate RNA splicing

Structural exploration of intron catalysis and dynamics in the splicing process.

Laser ‘tweezers’ unveil universal virus DNA packaging mechanism

Control of phage lambda DNA interactions: Nucleotide-dependent and independent gripping.

Vitamin B12’s role in cellular revitalization and tissue renewal

Vitamin B12 limits cellular plasticity and tissue repair.

On the way to creating the first synthetic yeast ever

This effort is the first to build a synthetic genome of a eukaryote.

DNA time machine: Insights into a century of loss

The approach could help regulators to protect the planet’s existing biodiversity levels.

Nijmegen’s new method uncovers hidden genetic variations

Paralogous regions in 41,755 exomes analyzed for clinically relevant variations.

A quasicrystal from nanoparticles using DNA

The breakthrough opens the way for designing and building more complex structures.

Breast milk liquid biopsy for early breast cancer diagnosis by VHIO

Early detection of breast cancer in breast milk.

A novel DNA nano-engine

The researchers are now planning to fit it with a coupling and install it as a drive in complex nanomachines.

Targeting TUG1 gene to treat brain tumors and replication stress

TUG1's role in resolving R-loops at microsatellite sites for cancer cell growth.

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