Sunday, May 28, 2023


New method of harvesting artificial light using organic nanotubes

Organic nanotubes provide artificial light-harvesting for solar cells.

River erosion can have a significant impact on fish evolution

Biodiversity hotspots in tectonically quiet regions.

Scientists develop non-invasive way to sex chicken eggs

Volatile chemicals reveal the sex of chicken embryos.

New DNA evidence suggests multiple populations gave rise to modern humans

Homo sapiens originated from multiple closely related populations.

A gene-editing technology could help to accelerate cancer mutations

Scientists can develop new drugs to target cancer mutations.

Groundbreaking: The clearest snapshot of human genomic diversity ever taken

Characterizing the fraction of human DNA that varies between individuals.

A study of two new Pictish genomes shows Picts descended from Iron Age British populations

The study provides novel insights into the genetic affinities and population structure of the Picts.

The Mysterious Viruses Lurking in Your Baby’s Gut

Advancing our knowledge of viral communities in the healthy infant gut.

The potential of fungal genetics in the development of innovative biotechnologies

Fungal Biotechnology: A Historical Perspective and Future Outlook.

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