Smart Diaper: Diaper Alerts Caregiver When It Is Wet


Sometimes, one leaky diaper is all it takes to turn a peaceful night of sleep into a chaotic mess. So, scientists from Ritsumeikan University are developing a smart diaper that tells you when it gets wet. Scientists are not developing this smart diapers for babies. Actually, scientists are developing this diaper for those who must care for ageing patients who cope with urinary lechery.

Ryan Mandelbaum said, “There are electrolytes within our urine. I would assume the urine acts as the electrolyte allowing current to flow between either of the two electrodes.”

Here, scientists pointed Japan’s ageing population. Earlier this month that almost 25 percent of its population are over the age 65.

These smart diapers that especially for elder people gives alert to caretakers that the diapers are wet addresses. It consists of a wireless self-powered urinary-incontinence sensor, an intermittent-power-supply circuit with a 0.3 V start-up converter, and a wireless transmitter. When the amount of urine reaches a certain level, the system transmits wireless signals. The battery inside it consists of an absorbent material that is install between an aluminium electrode and spongiform carbon electrode.

The amount of urine stored in this smart diaper is estimated from the interval of signal reception. The user is notified of the optimal timing of replacing a diaper.

When 80 cm3 of urine is poured onto a diaper, the sensor transmits an ID signal over a distance of 5 m. The response time of the sensor is 17 s, and the period of intermittent operation is 12-s long.

University states that a commercially available paper diaper for infants is modified. It contains (1) activated carbon that is 320mm in length and 5mm in width. (2) An aluminum electrode whose width is 1.8mm between the absorbent and a waterproof sheet.

According to the company, it should only take a little longer to make this a real commercial product.

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