Scientist found technique improves quality parameters of tomato-based beverage


The researchers reported that Atmospheric Cold Plasma (ACP) processing technology helped to improve the quality parameters of tomato-based beverages during storage. The research is conducted by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav’s team at Mohali based research institute, the Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing (CIAB).

The team found that ACP helps to retain maximum ascorbic acid content and improves the quality of the tomato-based beverage. It was found to be an efficient processing method that reduced maximum microbial- and mold count in the beverage.

Besides, accessing the impact of Atmospheric Cold Plasma (ACP) processing, the team also studied the effect of thermal (pasteurization) and non-thermal (ultrasonication, ultra-violet) on the quality of the tomato-based beverage. It was reported that all the processing techniques except the ACP processing technique degraded the ascorbic acid content in it.

ACP processing has emerged as one of the best processing methods for retaining as well as improving the quality of the beverage. ACP may be advantageous processing for developing fruit-based beverages in terms of maintaining its nutritional quality and other acceptable parameters. Therefore, from an industrial point of view, non-thermal processing methods can be advantageous treatments over pasteurization for the processing of beverages.

Fruit and vegetable-based beverages are considered as an instant source of natural bioactive compounds. Such beverages confer various health benefits to human beings upon their consumption. Among them, tomato is the most consumed vegetable worldwide, and it is considered as a popular functional food owing to its carotenoid- and phenolic content.

Food processing is a crucial way to increase shelf life and nutritional quality of food production and to decrease post-harvest losses. The type of processing has a significant influence on the quality of functional food products. Thermal processing, such as like pasteurization, of beverages is a commonly used processing method that confers extended shelf-life and provides stability to beverages. However, heating may deteriorate the quality of beverages by affecting the nutritional component.

Dr. Yadav’s team members include Mr. Deepak Mehta, Dr. Nitya Sharma, Dr. Vasudha Bansal, and Rajender S. Sangwan. Their research work is published in the Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, and an Indian patent has also been filed for the technology.

Journal Reference:
  1. Deepak Mehta. Impact of ultrasonication, ultraviolet and atmospheric cold plasma processing on quality parameters of tomato-based beverage in comparison with thermal processing. DOI: 10.1016/j.ifset.2019.01.015