Artificial Intelligence

Key biomarker discovered for tracking depression recovery

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with brain stimulation.

Shape-changing smart speaker lets users mute certain areas of a room

New system can mute different parts of a noisy room or isolate one conversation in a chaotic environment.

Machine learning models to predict adolescent suicide and self-harm risk

AI is increasingly being used in mental health to detect high-risk individuals.

High-speed AI drone beats world champions in drone racing

Researchers set a new milestone with the first autonomous system capable of beating human champions.

Tactile dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks using AI

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI.

AI streamlines severe heart valve disease diagnosis

Detecting severe aortic stenosis through echocardiography with deep learning.

AI to predict brain cancer outcomes

An algorithm that could help physicians better understand and target complicated brain tumors.

AI detects systolic heart failure via wearables

Detecting heart dysfunction with wearable single-lead ECG.

AI can tell your true biological age

How old are you, really?

Incorporating human error into machine learning

How sure is sure?

AI sees through the darkness like daylight

Heat-assisted detection and ranging: A new way to see in the dark.

AI tools can detect hidden heart disorders from ECG photos

AI Tools could save lives by detecting heart failure earlier.

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