Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT can achieve passing scores for US medical licensing exam

ChatGPT can score at or around the approximately 60 percent passing threshold for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), with responses that make...

Scientists found stem cell network in ancient fish

A 'living fossil' is the key to understanding stem cells.

Scientists developed a scaled-up version of a probabilistic computer

A scaled-up spintronic probabilistic computer.

Using sound to model the world

This machine-learning system can simulate how a listener would hear a sound from any point in a room.

Automating microscope control for imaging biological events

Intelligent microscopes for detecting rare biological events.

New AI can think like a human baby

The neural network could be a step toward programs for studying how human infants learn.

The brain’s secret to lifelong learning can now come as hardware for AI

When the human brain learns something new, it adapts. But when artificial intelligence learns something new, it tends to forget information it already learned. As...

New deep learning model to speed up ecological surveys

With this new method, valuable time and resources could be saved.

Scientists unraveled the secrets of Spider’s web

Johns Hopkins researchers first document every step of spider-web building.

Google introduces Pathways, a new generation of AI

A new AI architecture that will handle many tasks at once.

Using AI to discover exoplanets

The tools developed could also be used on Earth to detect illegal dumps and waste dumps.

Improved breast cancer imaging with AI

The team’s AI analysis is believed to be the largest of its kind.

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