Thursday, August 11, 2022


Research examines how individuals manage unwanted thoughts

While thinking an unwanted thought could make it more likely to recur, we can proactively control this.

Male cyclists should stand on pedals to avoid crushing their private parts

Scientists have described the best solutions including a 'no nose' bicycle seat.

Companies viewed as less legally liable for discrimination from algorithms, study

People are less outraged by gender discrimination caused by algorithms.

Sitting too much may be hazardous to your health

Trade the chair for fresh air.

Exposure to new things makes people ‘ready to learn’

Latent learning occurs without any explicit teaching.

This kind of flirting works best, suggests study

But maybe you shouldn’t start with that.

Life satisfaction increases with age

Satisfaction with one's life is enhanced by helping others.

Modesty leaves the best impression on cooperation in teams

In social situations that depend on cooperation, people will often choose to present themselves more modestly.

Is music a truly universal language?

What do you see when you listen to music?

Sports improve concentration and quality of life

A study with primary school pupils confirms the positive impact of physical fitness.

Scientists discovered the world’s most boring person

The study also discovered the most boring jobs and hobbies.

New ways to make legal documents easier to read for nonlawyers

Study identifies ways that lawyers could make their written documents easier for the average person to read.

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