Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Lifelong marriage lowers risk of dementia

But the researchers also discovered some surprising results.

Early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline

Access to retirement plans can play a significant role in explaining cognitive decline at older ages.

Exercise preserves physical fitness during the aging, study

Findings may represent promising strategies for promoting muscle function during aging.

Time-restricted feeding reshapes gene expression throughout the body

Timing calorie intake synchronizes circadian rhythms across multiple systems in mice.

Playing the piano boosts brain processing power

A randomised control trial shows the positive effects learning to play music has on cognitive abilities.

Psychologists revealed some of the secrets of a hit song

Hit song secrets unveiled!

Same-sex married couples handle stress better than different-sex couples

It’s important to consider the perspectives and experiences of both partners in a marriage.

What we think we like in a romantic partner – and what we prefer – don’t always match up

If I like humor, it could be that I’ve gone on dates with funny people, and I liked them.

How do group affiliations affect the likelihood of whistleblowing?

Determining the impact of social structure on whistleblowing.

Men and women experience change while traveling in similar ways

The study revealed men and women experience change while traveling in similar ways.

Are depressed people more realistic?

Are depressed people simply more realistic in judging how much they control their lives?

Life’s stresses can make people focus more on their romantic partner’s negative behavior

Can stressful life circumstances affect how partners see each other?

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