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Ground-Breaking Implant Technique to Heal Damaged Bone

Ground-Breaking Implant Technique to Heal Damaged Bone

Generally, bone replacement surgery requires transplants from other body parts, normally from the hip or shinbone. The various technique uses ground bone from donors or even ground or heat-treated bone from bovine animals. But, this kind of surgeries has lots of complications. But, now researchers found a solution over it. Researchers have developed an implant technique to treat broken bones or fractures. This technique is also known as NewBone.

This groundbreaking research was done by Norwegian company Corticalis in collaboration with Spain’s Numat Biomedical, the University of Oslo, and the University of the Balearic Islands. Scientists initially want to artificially improve the healing and repair of damaged bones by decreasing complications and costs.

With this implant technique, one more invention of a new material is done. This material made up of porous ceramic and can be inserted into the affected area and allows the bone to repair itself. This acts like an artificial platform for bone.

Stale Petter Lyngstadaas, the Corticalis co-founder, and CEO said, “With this method, it’s sufficient to insert a small piece of artificial heavy matter into the bone. The artificial platform is strong like real bone. Still, it is absorptive enough for bone tissue and blood vessels grow around it and replace it.”

Professor Lyngstadaas, said, “One particular use case scenario has been to treat jaw defects or mandibular cancer. I hope dentists will able to use this technique by next two years. Various kroner have spent annually on implanting new bone tissue in mandibles in Norway. Worldwide, we are talking about several million patients.”

According to analysis, 90 percent of the population is expected to experience some type of hard tissue loss and 30 percent of these are estimated to undergo surgery. So, this NewBone technique will greatly impact the quality of life for an essential proportion of European citizens.

Characteristics of this implant technique:

  • It is safe, more effective and versatile.
  • Affordable as compared to other bone replacement surgeries.
  • The material that acts like artificial platform can be easily cut into any shapes that fit the bone defect.
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