New Technique could Revolutionize Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy


At present, the people who grasp epilepsy are treated by medication that severely removes seizures threats. But, in some cases, this drug prove ineffective. Therefore, in this case, many patients decide to remove small parts of the brain. This treatment does not affect the function of healthy brain and minimizes the chance of experiencing seizures. Although this type of treatments is partially effective on 50% of people with long-term improvements.

Recently, Scientists from the University of Exeter have demonstrated the latest technique, which can change the current medication of epilepsy. This new technique can detect the certain brain regions that cause seizures in people with epilepsy.

With the aim of helping surgeons and neurologists to measure the development of seizures made by different regions of brains. This technique can help doctors to decide which part of the brain should be removed.

The technique uses state-of-the-art mathematical modeling procedures, can differentiate the brain regions that are the source of seizure activity from those that become involved as a result of a seizure starting. This outstanding technique gives valuable information about the contribution of different brain regions to seizures. It allows them to show the feedback of different surgical strategies so that they can plan for next surgery.

Through electrical recordings of 16 patients, scientists have made this method more precise. They used this reading to run and show the areas that generate efficient results.

Dr. Good fellow, a Mathematics lecturer at Exeter said, “First time, scientists able to show results made by a computer model. This computer model was tested to pre-surgical brain recordings with the post-surgical results from a group of people with epilepsy. We saw a very good agreement between the outcome predicted by our model with the actual outcome achieved through surgery.”

Now scientists are finding a more precise way to exactly detect where to operate for getting best results for an individual. They are also trying to improve the lives of so many people who would otherwise have to live with the constant threat of seizures.

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