Bird’s new electric scooter Bird Two will have 50% larger battery

It is equipped with self-reporting damage sensors that send alerts when vehicles need attention.


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It’s been just around three months since Bird, a California-based dockless electric scooter sharing company, announced its first electric scooter named Bird One. And now the company is all set to launch its next-generation electric scooter, Bird Two, next week. Bird’s new electric scooter is more rugged, offer more power and longer mileage than the previous version.

With an increasing number of affordable electric scooters for purchase, many scooter-sharing companies are making strong efforts to make sure riders keep renting instead of buying. This new Bird Two is supposed to help solve the major pain points associated with the current crop of shared electric scooters.

It features a new battery that will be the industry’s leading electric vehicle grade battery. The battery has 50% more capacity than the Bird One (473Wh) and optimized for operation over a wider temperature range.

Bird Two Electric Scooter will have 50% larger battery than Bird One
Bird Two Electric Scooter will have a 50% larger battery than Bird One

Besides, the new electric scooter will be equipped with intelligent “autonomous” sensors that will signal Bird’s headquarters when the scooter breaks down. Sensors that report the damage on their own will be able to help Bird send out employees, get damaged or vandalized scooters off the streets and send them to repair shops more seamlessly so they can be re-used. This is not the first time when we are seeing this technology in an electric vehicle, but as the company claims that their version is patented, it must have at least something new in it.

Bird Two will use seamless screws, which will cut down on the amount of theft and vandalism that the scooters are notoriously stricken by. People often hurt themselves on exposed screws, and so Bird hid them to protect the innocent. The company says, “The absence of excessively exposed screws helps create a more seamless design while also reducing painful injuries and vandalism.

Moreover, the exceptionally designed electric scooter will come with other upgrades, like an anti-tipping kickstand and puncture-proof tires. For more details, visit the company website.


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