Construction of the largest digital astronomy camera is complete

The camera will help researchers observe our universe in unprecedented detail.

Butterfly-inspired AI technology for multi-sensory decision making

The platform is both more advanced and uses less energy than other AI technologies.

MIT sensor can detect harmful ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Found in many consumer products, these chemicals are linked to cancer and other health problems.

Automotive radar systems can be easily fooled, warns engineers

Researchers at Duke University have developed a system that can fool automotive radar sensors into believing almost anything is possible. The technology, dubbed "MadRadar,"...

Researchers reveal ambient light sensors on smart devices can be used as cameras

Ambient light sensors on smart devices to capture touch interaction images like swiping and tapping.

Non-toxic quantum dots for new high-performance image sensors

A new method for synthesizing functional high-quality non-toxic colloidal quantum dots.

Self-powered, low-cost biosensor for monitoring freshwater ecosystems

A low-cost biosensor for assessing water quality at the input of lakes and rivers.

Lab-on-a-drone system detects and measures air pollutants in real-time

The detection device also transmits its results via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

First video of Nobel ‘pressure sensors’ in action at Imperial

Precise imaging of piezo1 activity using genEPi across scales.

The effects of LEED certification on energy efficiency in federal buildings

No effect of LEED certification on average energy consumption in federal buildings.

New wearable sensor records solar power efficiency

Wearable sensors use solar cells, detect biomarkers, and overcome obstacles.

Wearable sensor measures sweat lactic acid levels during exercise

How sweat air bubbles affect the functioning of wearable microfluidic sensors?

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