WaveFlyer, an electric hydrofoil jet ski for a smooth and eco-friendly ride

It is an entirely new way of experiencing water. Smooth, stable and efficient.


Electro. Aero, a Perth-based start-up company, developed the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal watercraft, called “WaveFlyer.” It was made in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, Perth’s Renewable Energy Vehicle Project and Galaxy Resources.

WaveFlyer combines the features of both jet skis and hydrofoil boards and boats – that allows users to cut through and rise above the waves – to offer users a smooth and eco-friendly option.

Electric watercraft
Electric watercraft is currently in the prototype phase.

This electric hydrofoil personal watercraft is similar to a conventional jet-taxi when at rest, but rises above the water during operation using an actively stabilized hydrofoil propulsion system.

It is loaded with 2kWh lithium-ion batteries and can fly above the waves for over 30 minutes per trip while carrying two riders. It offers a quieter, more energy-efficient and smoother ride and produces no emissions compared to petrol powered-alternatives.

Well, this eco-friendly watercraft is still in the prototype phases of development. The company hopes the prototype can soon make its way into commercial production.

You will have to wait for more detailed information, but you can see WaveFlyer in action in the video above.