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NASA astronaut shares stunning view of sunrise from space

First moments of sunrise from ISS.

Sunrise from space
Credit: Bob Behnken

NASA astronaut Bob Behnken has recently shared stunning pictures of the sunrise from space.

He shared breathtaking pictures of a sunrise, as seen from 400 km above the Earth.

Mr. Bob Bejnken, who flew SpaceX’s Dragon Crew spacecraft last month, is currently aboard the International Space Station. In a series of four photographs, the veteran astronaut captured the first moments of a sunrise from the International Space Station.

The photos were captured at the exact moment of sun rising through the Earth’s horizon.

  • Sunrise from space
  • Sunrise from space
  • Sunrise from space

The International Space Station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes. It means, astronauts on board of the ISS witness a total of 15 sunrises in a day.