Space missions may increase male astronomers’ risk of erectile dysfunction

This work indicates that sexual health should be closely monitored in astronauts upon their return to Earth.

Webb identified methane and water vapor in exoplanets’ atmosphere

Scientists can now start to perform an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Comm demo achieved the first light

Sending data via laser to and from far beyond the Moon for the first time.

Webb made a breakthrough discovery in revealing how planets form

NASA’s Webb findings support long-proposed process of planet formation.

Hubble measures the size of the nearest Earth-sized exoplanet

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has measured the size of the nearest Earth-sized exoplanet that passes across the face of a neighbouring star. This...

NASA’s telescopes seen the most distant black hole yet

A record-breaking black hole.

The small main belt asteroid Dinkinesh is actually a binary pair

Dinkinesh really did live up to its name; this is marvelous.

Incredible news! NASA’s Kepler discovered a system of seven scorching planets

Each one is bathed in more radiant heat from their host star per area.

NASA’s Juno observed salts and organics on Ganymede’s surface

The study could help scientists understand the origin of Ganymede and the composition of its deep ocean.

NASA X-ray Telescopes unveil the magnetic field “bones” of a cosmic hand

It is located at the base of the “palm” of the nebula.

New feature discovered in Jupiter’s atmosphere

Narrow jet stream near equator has winds traveling 320 miles per hour.

OSIRIS-REx: NASA showed off the asteroid material for the first time

The OSIRIS-REx sample is the biggest carbon-rich asteroid sample ever delivered to Earth.

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