International Space Station (ISS)

Study: How are stem cells affected by microgravity?

Stem cells strengthened by space travel.

A lost-in-space tomato found eight months later

Twist to the space mission!

Mouse embryos grown in space for the first time

It is the world's first experiment that cultured early-stage mammalian embryos under complete microgravity of ISS.

NASA planning to deorbit the International Space Station

The station will be deorbited in a controlled manner to avoid populated areas.

How to prevent biofilms in space?

Space Station tests show that a surface treatment can help.

NASA system converts astronaut pee and sweat into drinking water on ISS

The system achieved the 98% water recovery goal.

Space travel weakens the immune system by altering gene expression

This may explain why astronauts appear more susceptible to infectious diseases while in space.

Artificial gravity offers partial protection for biology in space

This study is a step in the right direction to explore the protective effects of artificial gravity in space.

Ultracold bubbles created on ISS pave a new way toward Quantum Research

The bubbles provide new opportunities to experiment with an exotic state of matter.

Space- lettuce could prevent astronauts’ bone loss

It might help stave off osteoporosis in resource-limited areas here on Earth.

Water in International Space Station is full of bacteria

Safeguarding clean water for spaceflight missions.

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