University of St Andrews

Massive volcanic eruptions triggered short-lived, historical global cooling

Summer temperatures may be highly sensitive to high latitude volcanic eruptions.

Deep light imaging improves illness detection

Offset optical coherence tomography enhances high-contrast imaging in turbid media.

Peptides target key enzymes in bacterial biofilms

Peptide disrupts biofilm formation by targeting a key enzyme.

Meditation helps to recall positive memories in people with depression

The new approach builds off previous research linking depression to the retrieval of autobiographical memories.

Boosting the color brilliance of OLEDs through a fundamental physical concept

New research has shown that a strong coupling of light and material increases the color brilliance of OLED displays.

An ancient Namibian gemstone could be the key to new light-based quantum computers

These results pave the way towards realizing strongly interacting exciton-polaritons.

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