University of Innsbruck

Pioneering experiment: Observ­ing macro­scopic quan­tum effects in the dark

Be fast, avoid light, and roll through a curvy ramp.

How has lightning been evolving over the past decades?

Light­ning activ­ity dou­bled in a few decades.

Sci­en­tists develop fermionic quan­tum pro­ces­sor

A new type of quantum computer that uses fermionic atoms to simulate complex physical systems.

Quan­tum liq­uid becomes solid when heated

The scientists obtained a first phase diagram for a supersolid at finite temperature.

For the first time, quantum mechanical tunneling reaction observed in experiments

Quan­tum Chem­istry: Molecules caught tun­nel­ing.

A quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with qudits

Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one.

Error-free quan­tum com­put­ing gets real

Fundamental quantum operation realized.

Study shows how to cool an atomic gas into a supersolid

Super­solids go cir­cu­lar 2D.

A new class of galactic nebulae identified

Discovery thanks to amateur astronomers.

Physicists introduced the notion of the quantum magic square

They cannot be as easily characterized as their 'classical' cousins.

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